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Extruded Curbs

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Parking Lot Extruded Curbs

We install concrete and/or asphalt extruded curb.

We can also paint the curbs to fit the design of the parking lot and adhere to your local fire codes.

If you have existing curb that is damaged, we can remove and dispose of the damaged curbing and replace it with new concrete and/or asphalt curb.

Steilacoom High School Extruded Curbing


Steilacoom High School Extruded Curbing (Steilacoom, WA)

This larger project, at Steilacoom High School, had several thousand linear feet of extruded curbing.

Steilacoom High School Extruded Curbing
Extruded Curb
Extruded Curb
Nara Spa Extruded Curb (Federal Way, WA)
Extruded Curb
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Our Parking Lot Services:

- Parking Lot Striping

- Seal Coating

- Extruded Curbs

- Road Channelization

- Road Signage

- Sports Coating and Athletic Courts

Client Testimonials

" all my years in the industry this has been the best contracting job I have experienced, everything went so smooth."
- Annie Mefi, West Pointe Apartments Manager - Federal Way, WA
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